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What is the “Simple” part of the Simply Planned homeschool planner?

Could something that “Simple” really be complete? These are very good questions, and the short answer is “yes!!!…and yes!!!”  A planner should be a life organizer that makes “intentions” for education and life possible. It shows you how much time you have in your day, and allows you to use it intentionally. A planner never lies. If you have more things to do then you have time, you will be exhausted and frustrated at the end of the day. The planner will let you know that could be a likely outcome before you start. A more complicated planner will not give you more time, but take away the precious time you do have. When I journeyed into the unexplored life of planning, I was shocked at the exorbitant amount of time it took to maintain my planner. In the end, I settled on a system that allowed my planner to work for me, instead of me working for it. I assembled the areas of the planner that were most useful to me.  The only areas I actually used in my large planner. I found that the new smaller planner could easily go with me, so I added shopping lists and other reminders. The resulting “Simple” planner now allows me to be intentional about my time, and organize my thoughts everywhere I go. It captures any profound thoughts or ideas while I come and go throughout the day. In short, it is a tool that allows me to be all God created me to be.

How does this simple plan work?

In reality the technical part of the plan should be, to acquire the educational materials that most closely meet the needs of your students and your family, then fit the implementation of those tools into your week. The possess requires lists and calendars, all of which are assembled into a convenient package- The Simply Planned Homeschool Planner.

The Simply Planned Homeschool Planner is as easy as 1,2,3.

SPHP sale heading number 1  Individual Education Plan:  Each student should have an educational plan. The plan describes this years educational goals for that child. There are “Curriculum Research” worksheets in the planner to help you organize the selection process.

SPHP sale heading number 2 Standard Week Plan: How do you intend to implement the curriculum you want to use?  I have the Standard Week Plan before buying, but they really go hand-in-hand. If you buy too much before you look at your week, you will likely buy more than can fit in a week. As a group, homeschoolers tend to be ambitious. This is a great attribute, but we must be mindful of our container size- one week. Try to assess the time commitment of the materials before you buy them, so they will fit.

SPHP sale heading 3a Curriculum Buying Plan: Using your Individual Education Plan, record the material you will need and where you will acquire them, then buy your material. Now that you own the material, be sure it fits in your week.

The planner is organized to have the most frequently used pages in the front or back so that they are more quickly and easily accessed.

  • Each Month at a glance with a dinner plan for each week
  • A Semester Week Plan for each day of the week and three semesters
  • Full color and spiral bound
  • Small and convenient to carry around (Half page book 5.5” x 8.5”)
  • Buying Plans for  each month
  • Christmas gift and Menu plan
  • Individual Education Plan for each child (up to six)
  • Project planners (keep track of your current projects)
  • Curriculum Research organizer
  • Zone Cleaning Planning page
  • Chore lists
  • Daily To Do Lists (You can throw these away when they are complete.)
  • Bible verses on some of the pages

Lots of color! Beauty can carry you through the hard days of homeschool and calm a busy homeschool mom. It is my heart to help homeschool moms stay focused and peaceful while accomplishing the goals they have before them.

Planner Example Pages (click to download the pdfs)

Free black and white student planners to download, print and use!

Homeschool planner for kids BW (Click to Download, for half sized, saddle stitch)
kids BW Planner 9×11 (Click to Download, 9 x11 Kid’s Planner)

I want to support larger home school families. This planner can handle up to six children. If you have a larger family, contact me personally and I can add additional pages for your needs. With free black and white student planners and tracking for multiple children, make this planner ideal for families of any size.

Price: $15.00