Save Money on Healthier Homemade Household Products

Household Quick Reference

Can you really make everyday natural household products at home? Ones that really work? Yes and yes! Making natural products that are safe and that will save you money really isn’t that complicated. Not near as complicated as manufactures want to make it out to be. Let’s face…it they profit from our confusion.
I have created and compiled a collection of the recipes I personally use in my daily life. These aren’t a collection of suggestions of “what I think will work.” They are real workable solutions that I wouldn’t use if they didn’t work. The bulk of the ingredients you can get at the grocery store. The rest can be bought at a Natural Food Store, or I suggest a cheaper on-line solution. I use a lot of the recycled containers and dispensers. This is a great unique Christmas gift. Add a few of the ingredients in a gift basket for a special touch.
There are 25 recipes to conveniently reference at anytime. This is a double sided colored “quick reference” sheet that is packed with recipes. I will send it to you laminated or you can download, print and laminate it yourself.

Recipes Included:

Personal Care Products:
Leave-in Conditioner
Hair Gel
Foam Soap
Face Cleaner
Healing Gel
Ouchie Oil
Flex ice packs
Lotion, for very dry
Body soap

Household Cleaning:
All Purpose Cleaner
Castile Laundry Detergent
Dishwasher Detergent
Dish Washing Soap
Kitchen Soap
“Soft Scrub” Cleaner
No Streak Glass Cleaner
Hand Sanitizer
“Swiffer-Like” Mopping
Diaper Rash Oil
Homemade Baby Wipes
Homemade Cleaning Wipes
Non-alcohol Vanilla

Price: $5.00