Bad News and Good News

Road Closed

The bad news is that we have a directional change.   HUD cancelled our sale!  They apparently didn’t like the lender we were using.  What is funny is that this house is such a fixer that we have had a hard time getting lending at all.  The first people we denied (Government rehab loans come with large strings.  The place would be worth less then the loan.), the second people denied the house (conventional loans want something they can sell right away…which is a paradigm shift from what use to be.  It use to be that the house only had to appraise for the amount of the loan.) and lastly HUD denied us.

It’s been difficult because all the reasons that brought us to make this decision are still valid.  The Good News is that God is still in control so there must be something better.  We aren’t sure what the next course of action is going to be, but I am certain it involves downsizing our stuff.  I will continue our clean out efforts, though I must admit it is a lot harder to downsize without a vision of a physical place.  I’m sure that it will make our current house more functional and that is always a good thing.

Thing to Try:

Remove a Cube: Everyday I try to remove at least a 1’ x 1’ x 1’ cube of stuff I don’t need.  Putting a empty bucket in the garage for giving stuff away and having lined paper and a pencil on the refrigerator to record your giving makes the processed easier.  We all know, the easier it is the more likely it will happen.

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