Small House, Large Couch? DIY

The Making of a Couch

The Making of a Couch

The first order of business, to fit a homeschool family into a small house, is to make a couch out of books.  Well, not quite.  But I am making a couch that will fit a lot of books.  If making a couch sounds overwhelming to you, you are very normal.  I’ve never claimed to be “normal,” but it’s slightly over my head too.  Good thing I have a friend that is a mathematician, roofer, and seamstress.  Don’t ask me how they all go together.  She is a wiz at making up a pattern from scratch.  I bought above-the refrigerator-cabinets (They are 2 feet wide.)  We are sandwiching them between 1/2” plywood and putting caster wheels (half locking casters) under them.  We will screw on the back (3/4 inch birch plywood) after I seal it.  I made bolster cushions to give the back a comfortable slant.  It is not a cheap endeavor (though cheaper).  Even with getting a screaming bargain on the cabinets (100 dollars for all of them), Ikea’s fabric deals, and using Joann’s 40% and 50% coupons, it will be around 500 dollars in the end.  We did go for a more professional look then we needed.  What do I get from this “L” shaped sectional?  39.75 cubic feet of storage, 13.75 linear ft. of seating space and the color/type of fabric I want.

Remember I said we made this couch for our books? … well… For all those people who are wondering where we are going to put “all” our children in this new 8oo sq.ft. house, the children have found their own place. 🙂

Room for the Children

Room for the Children

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  1. amy says:

    i love it sherry!

  2. Veronica says:

    Very creative! You have inspired me and I have be DE-cluttering our house!

  3. Melissa Speed says:

    Beautiful Sherry! Reminds me of sailboat couches!! :):)

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