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Simply Planned: A Practical Homeschool Planner

It is time to start planning for the school year. I love this part. Honestly, my planner helps me love it more. It reminds me of all the things I need to think about while I make my children’s home education plan. I am quite excited about the planning because my oldest child is joining our homeschool setting this year. I will have a highschool/college student along with the young ones. I needed to start planning early this year. I want to just give a little insight into how I grade using my Simply Planned Planner. I use the DITIR system to focus my energy on mastery instead of completion.

Simply Planned Homeschool Planner (click link to get more information)

Grading with a DITIR system:

When I first started homeschooling, I thought I would have no need for a grading system. The “Do It Till It’s Right” plan means that they will always get an A. As they have gotten older I have realized that in the main subjects it is nice to track their DITIR. I started recording their grades on the calendar day they complete the test. The grades don’t have to be in a row since they will be As. Calculating As is considerably easy. How do they always get As? They take the test/quiz once. I grade it and go over the answers with them. If they get below a 92%, I have them do the section, in which they had the most trouble, over again. They can get half the points they missed back. If they get a B, they repeat the test. If they get a C, or they continue to get a low grade after I’ve explained things to them, I may have them repeat the section of the workbook that is giving them the most difficulty. With a D, they should repeat the entire workbook. We use Christian Light for language arts, and it is easily broken down into small manageable sections. My goal is mastery. I want them to master the concepts of a lesson. A test just allows me to identify where a child needs extra help. After I tutor them in that area, they should master the concept. This system seems to work well for the younger grades. We will see how it works for the older children.

Make planning fun. Go to a coffee shop and have a parent teacher meeting with yourself. Or stay over night at a hotel while you go to a homeschool conference. That intense planning time can do a lot for your morale and anticipation for the coming year. Most of all be encouraged that you are doing the best for your children, even when you feel discouraged. Our job is to plan and implement, it is God who make the whole thing workout. So prayer is the most powerful thing we do as parents. Be blessed and enjoy praying, planning and playing this summer.

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