Lent Prophecy Devotional and Calendar

Preparing Our Family’s Hearts for Easter!

Cal and mag

 There is no better way to reinforce our trust in who God is, than to review the prophecies God made in the Old Testament and the fulfillment of them in the New Testament as it pertains to Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Great preparation for Easter!  My pastor wrote the devotionals and I drew the pictures.  (He is so gifted at writing in layman’s terms.)  I used the Lenten calendar as the bases for the time table.  The first 40 days (including Sundays) review a prophecy (Bible and Devotional), the last 6 days (Easter Week) include a hands-on object lesson that will help the children have fun while learning, along with the Bible reading.  This is a great way to bring in excitement and learning to our family devotional time(no matter the family size).  I have just completed  a printable artistically designed Lenten Calendar to follow along with the Devotional Book.  The calendar is in the shape of a cross. If you would like to purchase and download this great resource just follow this link to the product page.

What do you get with the downloadable Kit? 

  • An informative 47 day Devotional (40days: Old Testament Prophecies, New Testament fulfillments and a devotional each day; 7 days: week before Easter object lessons and fun activities)
  • An awesome cross-shaped Calendar to follow
  • Graphics for a fun magnet to keep tract of your progression towards Resurrection Day (Easter Sunday)!
  • Directions to assemble this kit for the family fun and learning

What Does it Cost?

$15  for a downloadable copy the Lent Devotional Kit (Click here for more information at my MissionMama.com store)

More Pictures:

lent wreath


proph devo

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