Joy of Work Lapbook

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Inside of Work Lapbook

Often the best things come from adversity.  That is where you see the world’s great need, and fill it.  In particular, one of my children struggles with the value of work and effort it takes.  Though in all fairness, there are few people that don’t struggle with it.  I myself, who normally values hard work, was convicted while creating this.  I’m a night person and in the morning…a little slumber, a little sleep…  Is life about my comfort?  What I consider hard work pales in comparison to those in third world countries.  I really enjoyed creating this lapbook with the kids.  I hope you do too.

Joy of Work Lapbook (Click to download pdfs of instructions and artwork)

Joy of Work Bit

Joy of Work Bit


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  1. Thank you so much for this! I am really excited about doing this with my little girl! Blessings!

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