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Kindle: a Library at my Finger tips


My kindle

It is a homeschooler’s Dream!  Thousands of books can stored and organized on your deck top, 3,500 on the Kindle itself.  A whole library without the room addition to your home.  The kindle format can be read from your ipad as well (with an app), but why?  The amazon kindle is so easy on the eyes.  I can even download pdfs to my kindle.  Though the feature I find most fascinating is the Text-to-Speech function.  Yes, I am amazed it took me this long to buy one of these.  For those struggling readers, this is quite a blessing.  It may sound like I am trying to sell you something, but I just love my new homeschool tool.  I have often found that Amazon had the best prices for books, so it is a bonus that the kindle books are cheaper.  There are a few helpful hints to give:

  • If you buy more than one kindle in your family, buy and register them all under the same name.  Then you can use the books on all the kindles (legally).
  • If you are buying the kindle for your children to use be sure to get a protector with it.   I got a Silicone Skin Case Gel Cover to help cushion any accidental falls from little hands.
  • Before paying for a book, check to see if the book is free.  There are many classic books that are no longer copyrighted.


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