Sprout Bread Challanged

The Sprout Bread Disaster

Veganbaking.com flickr sprout bread

Veganbaking.com flickr sprout bread

Last week I worked for four days making sprout bread.  After starting a diet that praised this stuff for it’s health value, I thought I should try to make my own.  With seven people in our family, it is economically feasible to make these healthy foods myself.  I did my research on the internet.  I started by growing the sprouts for three days.  Then all of the web sites I found said to blend these fresh sprouts up to make a dough.  It tasted a little “green” to me, so I started experimenting.  I had one batch with just raw stuff in it and no yeast.  One with yeast and extra whole wheat flour.  And one with just yeast and no extra flour.   I tried dehydrating the no yeast one and thought it would be better to bake the yeasted ones.   They baked for a long time (compared to my regular bread), and they were still mushy in the inside.  And they still tasted “green.”  I’m not sure if I did anything wrong?  At least I didn’t according to the youtube videos I watched.  The grass stain taste is just not my favorite and not worth all of the trouble!  So what do they do with Ezekiel Bread?  I think they may dehydrate the sprouted grains before graining some of them into flour to make the bread.  That has to be a week long process!  It is worth buying the stuff for just me.  They have definitely earned my respect.

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