Reassembling Clothes for Gifts

Recycle, Reassemble, Reuse!

Reassembled Skirt

Reassembled Skirt

Do you need more gifts for the kids?  Are you out of Christmas money?  I may have a solution!  Look in their closets for clothes that are too small, short, exposing or you just don’t like the style.  You are looking for stuff that you like the fabric or it works nicely with another fabric.  The beauty is that you don’t have to sew any of the hard parts…like sleeves or waist bands.  You just get to coordinate fabric and style. (The fun part.)

This is for Beginner Sewers!

Reassembled Dress- a shirt sewn to a dress and a skirt

Reassembled Dress- a shirt sewn to a dress and a skirt

So what is the secret?  Take the top of a skirt, shorts or pants with fabric you like.  Use that items means of closure around the waist. (The waist has to fit the intended recipient.) Cut off the bottom part just under that “means of closure” ie. buttons, elastic, zipper.  You want enough to add that same color on the bottom.  If the bottom has a ruffle…great!  It will be the bottom edge.  If not, just use the extra fabric to make a strip near the bottom (or at the bottom.  You will just have to hem it).  I like to find ruffles to put on the bottom edges, so that I don’t have to hem.  Other things you can save…appliques, buttons and zippers.  If you don’t have enough fabric to go the entire way around the skirt/dress you can make one side go up like I did on the dress.  I added a strap (The button strip that was cut off the shirt.) and a button (from the dress that was part of the skirt.)  If you are going to add an applique, use a piece of denim as the bottom layer to make it lay flat.  Something you might not expect, is that tags make attractive  (handsome tags) make good whole patches.

Starting Fabrics

What do these have in common? --The top skirt


  • Finished sides of fabric should be facing each other when you are sewing those parts together.
  • Roll the bottom twice for a hem.
  • The fabrics can be from any family member.  They just have to coordinate.
  • There is no wrong way to do this.  If it looks good, you did it right!!!!
Abi's summer dress

Abi's summer dress


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