Super Easy Summer Dresses

Pillow Case Dresses

Easy Pillowcase Dresses

Easy Pillowcase Dresses

The easiest dresses ever to make!  Yet still super cute!  I made three matching summer dresses in two hours without a pattern.  I even made a dress to look Minnie Mouse like!  My daughter loves Minnie Mouse.  These dresses are so easy I can even consider making matching dresses for their dolls.  How fun!

Super Easy, Super Cute


18 feet of 1/2 inch ribbon made three dresses

uncut fabric  (from collarbone to below knees)

4-6 inches of Coordinating fabric (optional)

Shoulder to Shin

Shoulder to Shin

1.  Measure the piece of fabric from the collarbone to right below the knee.  Cut the fabric perpendicular to the selvage edges.  Cut the whole way across the fabric.  You will be using the whole width.

(optional:  Cut 4-6 inches of a coordinating fabric and sew it to the bottom of the above piece of fabric.)

Cutting fabric

2.  Fold the fabric inside out and sew the selvage edges together.

Use another shirt for a patteren

Use another shirt for a patteren

3.  Using another shirt (that fits well), cut out an arm dip on each side.  I laid the shirt on top with the top of the arm hole at the top of the fabric and the bottom of the hole at the side of the fabric.  As best you can, cut the same size out of the fabric.  I use the cutout fabric as a pattern for the other side.  (Remember on the selvage side the arm cutout must line-up with the sewing line and not the edge.)

Double Roll Under-arm

Double Roll Under-arm

4.  Roll the arm dip twice toward the inside of the fabric to create a finished look on the outside.  (Make the hem small.)

Making the Ribbon Tunnel

Making the Ribbon Channel

5.  Fold the top down towards the inside, first 1/4 inch and then 1 inch.  Sew close to the bottom.  Do this on both top edges.

Secure the Ribbon

Secure the Ribbon

6.  Fold the end of the ribbon over twice and sew it.  This secures the edge.  Place a safety pin in the top and guide the end of the ribbon through the top channel of fabric.  The ribbon should hang out about a foot or so  from the other end of the channel.  Sew the ribbon to the channel exit hole.

Measure on the Child

Measure on the Child

7.  Squish the fabric in the channel until the resulting distance of the channel is distance between the child’s collarbones.  Sew the other exit hole and ribbon.

8.  Cut the ribbon at about one foot and secure the edge.

9.  Repeat 6-9 for the other top channel.

10.  Hem the bottom.  I rolled mine a 1/2 inch and another 1/2 inch.  Adjust the dress the length you prefer.


Secure Shoulder Straps

Secure Shoulder Straps

11.  Cross the ribbons 1 1/2 inch from the front and back channel on the same side of the arm.  Sew a stay stitch.  Repeat on the other side.  This insures that the dress will not just fall off if the become untied.

Minnie Dress

Minnie Mouse Dress

Have a lot of fun this summer!

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  1. katie says:

    You should put this in video form and up on youtube so people could see it in action!

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