What is an Elemental Diet?


Thing You Can Eat on an Elemental Diet

Thing You Can Eat on an Elemental Diet

An Elemental Diet is a way to very quickly (completely absorbed in 15-20 min.) and easily absorb all your nutrients so that your intestines can rest and heal while you starve out the overgrowth of bad bacteria. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet does this to some extent, but the Elemental Diet brings it to a whole new level of healing and ease. You only ingest building blocks of energy in the form of whey isolate (amino acids), coconut oil or MCT(easiest fat to digest, like that in breast milk), and honey (predigested carbohydrates). There are a few more things that qualify depending on who you talk to. I wanted it to really work if I was going to go through the trouble. I narrowed down the items to: grass-fed gelatin, non-alcohol stevia (Now brand), filtered homemade bone broth (just bones, water and Himalayan salt), minerals (bentonite clay and ionic, activated charcoal), fats (olive leaf oil, wild oregano oil, Essential oils, cocoa butter, UDO’s, Caproyl, coconut oil), Vitamin C, probiotics (Healthy Trinity), and a very good multi vitamin. If it sounds crazy…Let me assure you…it is!

Food is not just nourishment it is entangled into our lives. There are many forces working against you if you want to change. Food is social (Every social event has it.), spiritual (We go to it for help.), psychological (We “need” it.) and cultural. You can’t get away from it. But if that food is making you sick, it isn’t so easy to stop. These forces pull at you all day, everyday, especially when you go outside the house. It is important to create a safe place. My house is a safe place. We don’t have foods that hurt me in our kitchen. My husband and older son have their stuff in the garage. They eat what I serve for dinner and have “their food” for snacks. The Elemental Diet is different in that way. I’m not going to have everyone on this therapeutic modality unless they need it. I go into my bedroom when the wonderful smells get too much. For this 2-3 weeks we are keeping foods very simple. I don’t cook during this Elemental Diet. That is the first thing you need to arrange to make this diet happen. Stress is a HUGH contributor to damage to your body, including your gut. So, calm things down as much as you can.

How is it working? Considering all things, I think it is going well. I was concerned about the dairy in the whey. It turns out that most people react to the casein and lactose. The processing that this whey isolate has undergone has eliminated those items. I haven’t reacted to it. I have also been able to construct some recipes out of the substances I can eat to create things that help greatly. Water based kefir jello flavored with essential oils and honey is wonderful. When I get a super craving for roasted meat. I fry up beef tallow and sprinkle it with Himalayan salt. You have to chew and spit out the chuck that’s left, but the juice (that you can swallow) tastes like bacon. Yummy! Caution if you have gallbladder issues! I had pain in my back for 12 hours from that. It did work at keeping me on the Elemental Diet. I haven’t had that craving since. I even think I can freeze the honey kefir to make ice pops, but it’s still cold outside. Right now, I like to alternate shakes and warm bone broth.

Another thing that concerned me is that the Elemental Diet doesn’t really address yeast overgrowth. Bacteria usually don’t live alone. I have added a bentonite clay/Caproyl cleanse in the morning. Caproyl kills yeast, and bentonite grabs and removes toxins. I also take 10 drops of wild oregano oil (the brand is important) and 6 drops of Olive leaf oil in a gelatin capsule. I make it myself. It’s easy! The mixing of honey and stevia allows my carbohydrate intake to be low. I get unsweetened whey isolate and mix the whole thing myself. I’m not counting calories! I have found that it is best to drink/eat everything slow and steady all day long. True story! It is so easy for the stuff to digest that it gets sucked up right away into your system. You need a constant supply of energy, or you will crash in a grumpy heap.

Just one little note on die-off. It is real life. Activated charcoal is just as real of an antidote. When I start feeling grumpy for no reason (and I have been eating), I take 2 and go lay down. I’m good to go in a half hour.

So that may be more than you ever wanted to know about Elemental Diets, but if you ever need a jump start in gut healing…it may be the way to go. I can tell you one thing…I will never complain about the SCD or Sherry’s SFG Diet again. It is an easier way to get de-tangled from your food!!! The Elemental Diet clears your palate and resets your expectation of food.

Best of all…in 6 days I have lost 5 lbs without counting calories. That’s a bonus!

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  1. Amarie says:

    Great idea!
    What amounts for the supplements did you use?
    Especially the Caproyl and Clay?

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