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It has taken me awhile to post the results of the follow up test. Mostly because I was in dispare of the fact that the bugs hadn’t been evacuated completely. At first I thought I may had done just as well on my version of the SCD, the one I called Sherry’s SFG Diet. I had gone on the elemental diet to see if I could kick them out faster. I started having problems at the end of the diet with my gallbladder. The things I had used before to control the symtoms can’t be used on the elemental diet (Carrot/ginger juice, bitters, Turmeric/Milk Thistle tincture/ and gallbladder tea). The naturopath suggested that I needed another two weeks of the Elemental Diet! Super Uhg! I decided that I should take care of my gallbladder before I try another two weeks. This diet is such a challenge, but I think I will really be able to do it another two weeks. My bug values did go down. Also, in keeping with my tradition of looking at the positive things I have learned while I am on any “healing- experimental” Diet, I will update you on a few. I have noticed it is a lot easier than usual to notice foods my body reacts to. I’m sure I had been trying to introduce sprouted seeds/nuts much too fast. I just can’t digest them very well yet. I found I have an allergic reaction to Costco organic chicken (not sure what they are doing, but the NewSeason’s chicken seems to be fine.), plus I react to nuts and chocolate. I actually get hives.  Another thing that I have noticed is that B-fast is a lot easier. I still use the shakes for breakfast. The shakes are also convient for running out the door or having something in the car just incase I get stuck.  One more positive is that the grass fed organic whey protein isolate tastes great! I get bored, but it could be a lot worse. The hydrogenated whey isolate tastes like kerosene. I am super thankful to see that the whey isolate works.

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