Thoughtful Homemade Christmas Gifts

Spice Jar Gift

The beauty of getting a gift that says, “I’ve been thinking about you.”  I love giving things that will make the person’s life a little better.  I have a few homemade gift ideas for you.

Homemade Spice mix:

I wanted a great “all-a-around” seasoning that I could just sprinkle on meals.  I started this seasoning on homemade french fries and noticed it went well with almost everything-meat, soups, egg and vegetables.  You can make it very colorful. (picture above)

Sherry’s Fry Seasoning

  • 1.5 Tbsp dill weed
  • 1.5 Tbsp onion p.
  • 1 Tbsp paprika
  • 1 Tbsp salt
  • 1 Tbsp garlic p.
  • 1 Tbsp Italian seasoning
  • 1.5 Tbsp onion p.
  • 1.5 dill weed

You’ll need a half pint canning jar and some green raffia.  Layer each spice from the top of the list to the bottom.  Try to evenly disperse them.  Print out the tags, cut them out around the rectangles, and put a hole in the top corner (with a hole punch).  Use a piece of raffia to tie the card onto the jar.  Add two other raffia strings and tie a bow around the top of the lid.  They just have to shake the jar and sprinkle.

Front and Back of Seasoning Cards – New(click to download pdf)


Homemade Household Kit

Household Gift Basket

Household Gift Basket

I have just created a homemade household quick reference sheet.  It is just one laminated sheet with 25 convenient recipes for basic household and personal care items–all natural and organic.  The perfect gift for those who love to make stuff themselves.  We have the card in our store.  Get a cool basket.  Add a neat apron that matches their style, Dr. Bronners Peppermint Soap, a squirt bottle or foamy pump.  Other stuff that can be added are lavender and tea tree essential oils.  I reused a paper bag to make the filler inside the basket.  Just cut the bag into strips or use a really cheap paper shredder. If you can’t afford much, the card is super cool.  You can put a hole in the top corner (with a hole punch) and connect a stray bottle or measuring spoons with a rubber band to it.

Homemade Household Basics Quick Reference Card (Click to go to the Missionmama Store to buy)


Homemade Allergy Free Baking

Allergy Free Cooking Gift Basket

Allergy Free Cooking Gift Basket

The best gift in the world to give someone with multiple food allergies is a treat that you made for them, and they can eat.  I can attest to this personally.  It is hard for me to eat anything “normal,” which means that I must make everything that goes into my mouth.  The Best Allergy Free Baking Quick Reference is an easy laminated sheet to have on hand.  There are two things you have to ask them first.

  1. What foods cause your body problems? (It may be a long list.  Let them know you care and want to know all of them.  Then write them down.)
  2. How allergic are you to these items?  (Some people are so allergic that they have to have separate cooking equipment just for there own food.  If you are going to make these people food, you need to buy separate baking, measuring and cleaning materials, including a separate cooking space.  Keep it away from all of your other stuff.  Beware that you have to clean your oven first and don’t cook your food with their’s.  This is dedication and a true blessing.  Most people aren’t that reactive.  You just need to be sure to completely clean everything you will use and the surface you are using (use a clean tea towel and sponge).  Still don’t bake your own food in the same oven at the same time.  Sure it’s a complete pain in the neck, but think of what they have to do all the time.  It really is a blessing!  With all that said bake a tin of cookies with the gift of the card.  They can even double check the recipe. (Don’t be offended, it is just part of their life.)

If you’re not that adventurous, the card and a set measuring spoon connected to the corner of the card is neat too.

GF DF EG SF Double Chocolate Cake

GF DF EG SF Double Chocolate Cake

Allergy Free Cooking Quick Reference Card  (Click to go to the Missionmama Store to buy)


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