Healthy Sugar and Dairy Free Mints

Happy Valentine's Day Surprise!

Happy Valentine’s  Day Surprise!

Celebrate, there is a sugar free, grain free, nut free candy that looks so cute and tastes so good! Valentine’s Day will be a happy day for all. Yes indeed! Have you ever been on a yeast free, grain free and sweetener free diet? If you have, you know the agony of sweet holidays like Valentine’s Day. But no more! This peppermint candy is delicious and has only 3 ingredients. You can continue to make mints after the holiday. Our family loves Mickey Mints. I can also make star mints, snow flake and lego mints. Super FUN!!!!

Mickey Mints

Mickey Mints


  • 3 c. coconut, raw
  • 7-14 drops vanilla stevia (10)
  • 2 tsp (4 caps) Non-alcohol peppermint extract

Blend coconut with a high powered mixer until smooth and warm.   Add in stevia and peppermint.  Pour into a silicon mold and chill.

Mints in a Jar

Mints in a Jar


  • If you don’t have a high powered mixer, use coconut butter. Just warm it a little to mix in the stevia and peppermint. Scrap it into the mold and cool.
  • Pint color: I used a dime sized piece of beet root to give the mints a dark pink color. In the high powered mixer, add the beet at the beginning with the coconut. After pouring and scrapping the hot pink mint mix into the mold, don’t clean out the blender. Just add the next batch of coconut to the hot pink left overs in the blender. This will give you light pink. Make white first or last, but not in the middle.
  • Different shapes: I buy neat-o shaped silicone ice cube trays for non-baking shaped candies. Place the silicon tray on a baking sheet. Pour the mix in and use a rubber spatchula to scrap the mix into the wholes. Bounce the sheet after you are done to get the bubbles to float to the surface. Place the tray and baking sheet into the freezer for quick results.
  • Stevia choices: I really like Now French Vanilla stevia extract. The amount of stevia depends on your adaptation to the sweetener. I have noticed that my family is able to handle more of the stevia sweetness as we get use to it. Your taste buds will adapt to it and not taste the bitterness as much. If you are new to stevia use less of the sweetener. It is better for it to be less sweet than bitter.


Tessa Domestic Diva has a great website for allergy free recipes, especially Allergy Free Wednesday. (Click to link to her website)


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