Easter without Sugar?

Coconut Lamb Mint Pops

Coconut Lamb Mint Pops

Is it possible? As I was searching for less sugary and allergy free Easter treats, I was amazed at the extraordinary quantity of sugar. I wanted my Sundayschool class room and my children’s Easter  Baskets to be healthy, yet fun. One of the things I kept thinking is…fruit is God’s candy. Why do we ignore it at Easter? That thought inspired the Fruit Salad Gospel (with a poem). I also thought I that Coconut Lamb Mint Pops would be a great substitute for candy bars. Here are a few options for your Easter celebration.

Lamb Pop Recipe and tips (click to learn more about that recipe)

Fruit Salad Gospel

Fruit Salad Gospel

Fruit Salad Gospel

Red is for the blood He gave.
Put in: 1 c Strawberries

Green is for the life He saved.
Put in: 2 c Green Grapes

Yellow is for the sunshine bright.
Put in:1 can Pineapple chunks

Orange is for the moon at night.
Put in: 2 Oranges

Black is for my sins I made.
Put in: 1 c Blue Berries or black berries

White is for the grace God gave.

Purple is for His heart so sad.
Put in: 2 c Purple grapes

Jesus has Risen, I’m so Glad!

Colored Promises and Prayers Sweet, 

A Fruit Salad is God’s Gospel Treat.

Put in Last: Coconut Cream: 1 can coconut milk, 1 banana, 1/2 cup kefir

-Sherry Domer

Fruit Salad Gospel (Click for more information)



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