GF/DF/SF/EF Recipes

Gluten/Dairy/Egg/Soy Free Recipes

I have personally experienced the grief that comes from watching others eat my favorite treats when I can not. My body has been having difficulties processing gluten, dairy, and soy. My son is allergic to chicken eggs. You can see the storm that rises up over our kitchen every meal time. We both use to be poor sports about the whole thing. Mostly we were just traumatized by our inability to produce foods we liked. No more trauma, it is time to roll up my theoretical sleeves and dive into kitchen science. There are many challenges to cooking without one or two of the “staple” ingredients. It is a complete overhaul of everything I once knew as cooking to tackle 4 major staple ingredients. The challenge is completely compelling to me! Enough so that I would make 12 batches of brownies in three days to find one that worked well. I don’t just want to merely satisfy my cravings for delicacies once enjoyed. I want to create recipes that rejoice in my mouth. The type of recipes that everyone can enjoy together. I want to share them with all who have problems with gluten, dairy, soy and eggs-those with irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, autism, allergies or Vegans.