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Real Food, Real Answers…

What is healthy? The word “health” has become a completely arbitrary word. With all of the confusing opinions and “un-scientific” studies out there, the everyday person is really baffled about health. Most people don’t have the hours it would take to sift through the seemingly ambiguous information. Our high school health class or even college class from 30 years ago is little preparation for the variety of food decisions we make today. Food science has changed the terrain of nourishment. When we started to engineer food, we threw away centuries of time honored wisdom surrounding the cultivation and preparation of nutrient rich sustenance. The problem of properly nourishing a body is just as beautifully complex as the body itself, yet the simple wisdom of many indigenous peoples have historically established a properly balanced diet. Where did we go wrong? Without knowing all the nutrients really required for life, we assembled attractive food, devoid of the full complexity that God intended. New food-like products are produced so rapidly, with little thought as to the true purpose of food. So what is the true purpose of food? Food’s primary purpose is to build and sustain the wonderful person that is YOU. Health is a result of a body well supplied with the needed nutrients. What foods will truly provide you with the nutrients you need for life? What diet will really support your body? Are there nutrients that are now lacking in our soil or lifestyle habits that can not sustain our body’s requirements? What about supplements and dietary support products? These are honest questions that deserve real answers.

Limiting Toxins, Practical Solutions…

Choosing non-toxic products is setting personal boundaries for the protection of your body’s function. Limit the load of toxins coming into your body that are under your direct control, so that your body can eliminate the remaining toxins that are unavoidable. I provide many low cost recipes and real life alternatives to common commercial products.




Broken Bodies, Enduring Remedies…

There are many natural healing modalities available today, but as a society we lack the necessary foundation to wisely take advantage of these gifts.  How they work or even which one may be best for our individual situation is a complete mystery to the average person. This herbal wisdom has been largely suppressed to the point of extinction in America. Thankfully there is much we can learn from cultures that have kept their traditional healing paradigm alive, thousands of years of trial and error that we can now benefit from. I try to outline some foundational points of the most documented natural healing systems, give an overview of principles, and some real remedies for common complaints. Most importantly I want to provide healthy expectations for real healing.



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Head over to my new holistic nutrition blog to buy: RedeemingVitality.com

Whole Food Vegan Breakfast

 Beyond Oatmeal, Eggs and Sweets…

The most difficult part of the whole foods, gluten free, vegan diet is breakfast.  It is just a whole new breakfast world.  Gone are the days of heavy carbohydrates, meats, fat and super sugar meals.  It’s been difficult to not just want to substitute things, to recreate what was lost, but that isn’t the best way to go about healthy living.  Think of it as something new altogether.  Here are a few options to inspire your new breakfast-way-of-live.  Healthier, options that will really give you more energy for the day’s tasks.

Chia Vanilla Pudding

Chia Pudding with Fresh Fruit (3 servings)

  • 3 Cups almond milk (or other alternative)
  • 1/2 Cup chia seeds
  • 15 drops vanilla stevia
  • 1 cup fresh fruit
  • a pinch of Cinnamon for each bowl

The night before, mix milk, chia and vanilla together.  Mix every 2 min. for 10 min. until the milk thinkens enough to keep the seeds suspended.  Place in the refrigerator until morning.  In the morning, spoon the pudding into bowls and sprinkle with fruit and cinnamon.  This recipe is found in my new Yeast-Free-Vegan Recipes card (without the fruit).


Buckwheat Teff Pancakes

Buckwheat-Banana Pancakes

  • 2 cups sorghum flour
  • 1 cup hulled buckwheat flour
  • 1 cup Teff Four
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp cream of tartar
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 3 smashed bananas
  • 3 cups sparkling water

Mix dry ingredients, add bananas, and then add water.  I use sunflower oil on a hot cast iron skillet.  These are amazing whole food pancakes.  Top with Agave Maple, bananas and walnuts.

Agave Maple Syrup:  Mix 1/4 maple syrup and 2 cups agave syrup


Buckwheat Quinoa Porridge

Quinoa-Buckwheat Porridge

  • 1 cup Quinoa
  • 1 1/2 cups Buckwheat
  • 6 cups water
  • 1 Tbsp cinnamon
  • 2 Anises Stars
  • 1/2 tsp stevia leaf powder

Bring to boil, put lid on top and turn down to simmer for 15 min.

Mix in 1 1/2 cup apple sauce.  You can sprinkle coconut, nuts and/or fruit (like bananas or apples).  I like it with almond milk.


Coming Soon!  Yeast-Free-Vegan Recipe Quick Reference Card!

As I tried to balance the flora in my digestive system, I had a real hard time finding Flour/starch Free, Sugar Free,  Vegan Recipes.  I collected the best in this laminated recipe card.  Yes, you can eat this way.  Not just surviving, but thriving!