Hello there and welcome to my blog.  As many mama’s, I wear multiple hats.  I’m a Sunday school teacher and artist.  I combined these two interests to create a fun loving, Bible based preschool Sunday school curriculum.  I love missions so I added another demotion…I made them free on the internet.  I felt that there had to be more small church Sunday School Teacher volunteers in the world than just me.  You can find the lessons at SundaySchoolLady.com or just click the link for Sunday School.

I love creating in the kitchen as well, but not dinner as one may think.  I love concocting recipes to make life healthier, easier, and more economical.  The big, all important thing is that they have to work.  It would be really cool to make every household product we need out of a few base ingredients.  That is a goal of mine or may be just a dream, I love perusing.  Unfortunately my husband does not share that goal, but he does support me and keep me real.  If it doesn’t work, he won’t use it, no matter how cool it is that I made it from scratch.

Being the artistic type doesn’t really keep me organized.  (That is what husbands are for right…wrong..sigh.)  I needed to create something to keep me more organized.  Since most planners on the market are generated by planning type people, they didn’t work for me, a “differently abled planner.” –politically correct for planning impaired.   That isn’t very accurate either, I have a more spontaneous approach to planning.  I plan all types of things in my head.  It got a little crowed when I added homeschool to my agenda, so I created a planner.  A planner with beauty, color and most of all a planner that worked for me rather then me working for it.  Go ahead and check it out in the Simply Planned section.

The fun plan for this summer is to create an urban backyard farm.  We are trying to expand our philosophy of planting beyond survival of the fittest.  Dig, plop, water and pray does grow a surprising amount of things.  But this summer we are going to do better!  We will strive for weeding and nurturing.  I will keep you posted on that as well.

Finally, yet most important of all, instruction of my children.  I see my primary mission in life is to guide my children in the ways of Jesus.  It is all encompassing, and it costs much.  There are many dimensions of this task, but I have found imitation most challenging.  What I mean to say is that these little ones are imitating me everyday all day long.  They watch what is important to me.  I need to constantly allow Jesus to search me and heal the brokenness in heart.  Since whatever I don’t allow Jesus to heal in my life is likely to be passed down to my children.  A most uncomfortable thought that keeps me digging into the garbage left in my heart by life.  I spread it out and allow Jesus to heal it.  It is an arduous unrelenting processes that somehow returns to me as a benefit.  I need to imitate Jesus, because my children are imitating me–discipleship.

The conviction to disciple our children and our devotion to instruction has inspired our family to homeschool.  It can be crazy during our day but at the end of the week we have grown in knowledge and relationship.  And that is satisfying!
Our five children are curious, energetic and wonderful.  Each of them are gifts from God for us to raise and release into the world.  We are entrusted with His children for such a short time.  I want to live life to the fullest each day.

PS. I have an affiliate relationship with Amazon and Vita-mix.  If someone chose to buy something after clicking through my links, I could potentially make a small commission.